Why We Do This

It’s natural to be dubious when offered something for free.

So here’s a short explanation as to why we do it. We are a small firm offering a specialized level of services to a narrowly defined but geographically scattered market. We are obligated to provide training and support for our 300+ clients that we advise on IRR and liquidity risk in over 40 states from Alaska to Florida. For several years Mark traveled the country giving seminars. It was effective but expensive, and time consuming. A second challenge is to get our name out in front of the credit union public in a positive way. We tried the traditional approaches using direct mail, attending association meetings and advertizing in trade publications. It was expensive and not very effective.

Then a few years ago along came the internet. We discovered we could deliver valuable training and support such as webinars, newsletters, and specialized documents at a very low price. This approach was quickly embraced by our clients. Then we made the decision to open the general purpose webinars, newsletters, and policy templates to the general credit union public.

It’s a win win for all concerned.

We are able to deliver valuable content at a low price. Our clients benefit by receiving valuable support and training without anyone having to climb onboard a 737. Non clients are able to benefit from the presentations by receiving valuable training at no cost. They also have the opportunity to become knowledgeable of our services and occasionally they call us expressing interest in becoming clients.

So please put your skepticism aside. Feel free to take part in our free programs with no obligation or expected commitment. Also feel safe in the knowledge that we will never sell or give you contact information to any third party.
“They are extremely helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. Just one of the many reasons I use Mark H Smith, Inc. Thank you for such great service!” –  
— Valerie W., Bethlehem 1st Federal Credit Union

“Thanks Cynthia for your help with the “details,” and also for helping me to learn more. You do an awesome job. For a credit union of our size to have the expertise Mark Smith & Co. provides is valuable.” –  
— Vidya I., Marion Community Credit Union

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