Outsourced ALM Analysis for Credit Unions

ALMPro Classic Mark H Smith LogoALMPro Classic

ALMPro Classic is our entry level service for small credit unions up to approximately $50 million in total assets. IRR and liquidity risk is estimated and analyzed by our experienced advisors and communicated back to you in the ALMPro report. We will also provide extensive training and assistance in understanding and utilizing you report. Read more about ALMPro Classic

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ALMPro Plus

ALMPro Plus provides a more robust IRR and Liquidity Risk analysis suitable for mid-sized credit unions. Small credit unions with a more complex balance sheet may also benefit from the strengthened analyses. IRR and Liquidity Risk is estimated and analyzed by our experienced advisors and communicated back to you in the ALMPro Plus report. ALMPro Plus will provide you with the risk estimates and our experienced staff will help you understand and put the analysis to productive use. Read more about ALMPro Plus

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ALMPro Premier

ALMPro Premier provides the ultimate in model power to analyze IRR and Liquidity Risk analysis. It is appropriate for credit unions of any size. Typically Premier will be used for larger credit unions at $200 million assets or greater. The Premier model uses more advance model technologies such as Instrument level analysis of loans. When combined with the knowledge and experience of our senior analysts ALMPro delivers unsurpassed modeling performance. As always ALMPro service is delivered with training and support to your request. Read more about ALMPro Premier


Ancillary Services

ALMPro Liquidity Mark H Smith Logo
ALMPro Liquidity

Mark H. Smith, Inc. can help credit unions estimate and manage liquidity risk. Our Liquidity reports include liquidity analysis and cash flow estimates.
Read more about ALMPro Liquidity

IRR Third Party Process Review by Mark H. Smith
Third Party IRR Management Process Review

Mark H. Smith, Inc. frequently receives requests for third party reviews. Our reviews assess IRR management processes and meet the requirements of the recent IRR regulation.
Read more about Third Party IRR Review


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“Thank you for the excellent job in going over our September report with the board. We all learn a lot from you each session.” –  
— Darwin B., Citizens Community Credit Union
“They are extremely helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. Just one of the many reasons I use Mark H Smith, Inc. Thank you for such great service!” –  
— Valerie W., Bethlehem 1st Federal Credit Union

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