ALMPro Liquidity

ALMPro LiquidityALMPro Liquidity is utilized by credit unions which have a solution in place for IRR but need assistance with estimating and managing liquidity risk. Like all of our services it is an outsourced design which provides a quarterly analysis and report.

Each quarter your ALMPro Liquidity report includes:

  • A static balance sheet liquidity analysis using ratios
  • Three forward looking cash flow estimates with a one year timeframe
  • Stress testing of the cash flow forecasts using a moderate and severe scenarios
  • A Liquidity Coverage Ratio analysis which is adapted for credit union use and tests the 30-day horizon

If ALMPro Liquidity is for you:

Please click on or call Michelle at (800) 268-7795 for further information on ALMPro Liquidity.

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