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Quarter II 2017

  • Interest Rate Risk, Too Little or Too Much?
  • Should We Raise Our Deposit Rate?
  • Segmentation Strategies – Still A Good Tool To Manage Cost Of Funds
  • Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)
Jan/Feb 2017

  • Revisiting Interest Rate Risk: It’s Still a Factor!
  • Has Your ALCO Become Complacent?
  • Small Credit Unions — The Silent Majority
  • CECL Survey Results
Nov/Dec 2016

  • Utah First FCU Success in the Face of Intense Competition
  • Managing and Controlling Your Sales Culture
  • Reevaluating Policy Limits
  • Economic and Interest Rate Commentary
Sept/Oct 2016

  • Being a Little Different Pays Off
  • Credit Union Deposit Growth Continues
  • Will They or Won’t They? The Interest Rate Conundrum
July/Aug 2016

  • Lemonade From Lemons
  • Upcoming Interest Rate Risk Manaement Changes by NCUA
  • Are Credit Union Deposits Less Rate Sensitive in 2016 Than 2004?
  • Economic Outlook
  • Credit Union Lending Performance Survey Results
May/June 2016

  • The Outlook for Small Credit Unions
  • Organizing and Utilizing an Effective ALCO – A road map for success
  • For More Impactful Lending At Your Credit Union, Try Digging A Little Deeper
March/April 2016

  • A Mortgage for Your Car?
  • Well-Written Policies Are Your Friends – Part One
  • Economic Outlook
January/February 2016

  • Factoring Key Assumptions
  • The Financial Institution of Your Dreams
  • Economic Outlook
  • Credit Union Investing Basics: Why Liquidity Maters.
November/December 2015

  • All Eyes are on the Fed
  • Just Say No
  • Loan Demand Forecasted to Increase
  • Economic Outlook
September/October 2015

  • Are CD Early Withdrawal Penalties Currently a Deterrent?
  • Let’s Talk Numbers
  • The Risk of Doing Nothing
July/August 2015

  • How Will Non-Maturity Shares (NMS) Behave When Rates Rise?
  • Is it Time For Credit Unions to Consider Alternative Funding Sources?
  • Economic Update — Credit Unions: Helping the Middle Class in America with a Widening Income Gap
  • Client Corner: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Seminars to Webinars
May/June 2015

  • Managing IRR – Who’s Responsibility Is It?
  • Economic Update – The Billion Prices Project and Inflation
  • Segmentation Strategies Revisited
  • MHSI Will Resume Live Seminars
  • Client Corner: What Can MHSI Do for You?
March/April 2015

  • Exposure to IRR Remains a Top Priority for NCUA
  • Economic Update: How “Patient” is the Federal Reserve?
  • Update: Latest News from the Fed (Speech by Janet Yellen)
  • Commenting to NCUA on Risk Based Capital
January/February 2015

  • NCUA Proposes Revised Risk Based Capital Rule
  • Economic Update: Economy-Forward Interest Rates
  • 2014 Credit Union Regulatory Survey Responses

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