Being a Little Different Pays Off

Secrets of One Credit Union

Being a Little Different Pays Off

By Mark H. Smith, Founder

Photo Box Elder County FCU is a $106 million credit union located in a rural and historically agricultural county in northwestern Utah. In recent years the credit union has performed well above average when measured by some of the most commonly used credit union metrics.

In this article we examine both the financial and human nature of the credit union's operations and discover why it excelled when many of its counterparts struggled.

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Credit Union Deposit Growth Continues

By Cynthia R. Walker, CEO

Photo Over the last 10 years the deposits in the credit union industry have experienced solid increases. In June of 2015 the savings balances at credit unions hit a milestone and topped $1 trillion. As of June 2016, deposits totaled nearly $1.1 trillion and increased 7.3% since the second quarter of 2015. The growth trend in deposits continues.

When modeling and forecasting interest rate risk, non-maturity share assumptions are a very significant component of the analysis. They also represent the area with the most unknown variables. NCUA is making some changes to the examiners workbook, updating how they will evaluate interest rate risk, and have developed some standard assumptions for non-maturity deposits.

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Will They or Won't They? The Interest Rate Conundrum

By Matthew Jacobsen

Photo Expectations for the next federal funds rate increase seem to change on a dime these days. The direction given during the first half of 2016 changed to a much more gradual pace of increases. At the current moment, the Federal Reserve Bank has clearly indicated that another increase in December is certainly a possibility. Janet Yellen recently stated at the end of August that the rate hike case has now increased again in recent months.

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